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Joseph Honton

This is humorous and relatable to many of us. But rather than take it literally, consider the interpretive route.

Dreams are a way for our subconscious to communicate changes we should consider in our waking life. Perhaps you have something you need to "eliminate" from your daily routine. Maybe, ice cream? Or perhaps you have some "waste" to get rid of à la Marie Kondo.

Toilet dreams are so common that it's cliché. Only you will know what the juxtaposition of images is trying to say. Ignore the toilet and look at what happened in your dream just before it appeared. Also look for clues in the urge you were feeling -- constipation (control), diarrhea (release), bloating (excess).

Dream interpretation can be a laughing matter sometimes. But on the serious side, dream interpretation can help us to better understand ourselves.

Joseph Honton

Living out the remaining days of my life on the only habitable planet I’ll ever know.

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