Who is this author, poet, healer, dreamer?

Margaret Honton
My nominee for the 15-Minutes of Fame Award: author, poet, healer, dreamer, Margaret Honton.

Was it Warhol who proclaimed
that we each could gain fame
or was it Finkelstein who grimaced —
“just for fifteen minutes.”

Either way, it became
more like a game
with virals and spirals of repeat tweets
where the cheats keep gaining acclaim.

How can we claim
what belongs to our name
however, whenever, or whatever
the endeavor, without being clever.

No Rolling Stones
Nobel Pulitzer trombones
just an attagirl, attaboy
from the hoi palloi.

That’s the ticket to my parade
sunshine, drums, and accolades
from someone, anyone —
“good job, well done.”



Joseph Honton

Living out the remaining days of my life on the only habitable planet I’ll ever know.